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October volunteer day

21 Oct

October’s work day went almost as planed, this alone is a minor miracle. As normal the weather was on our side not raining till after we’d all gone home, although there was a winter nip in the air especially in the shade.

We had planned on planting out bulbs and young plants,  clearing swan island and the area around the bird feeding station. We did quite well only missing out the island work, I guess it was hoping for too much in the time we had. One extra job was a quick repair on the dipping platform. We will be adding a new platform at some point in the future, but just to make safe the existing platform Dave and Gary added a missing plank of wood.

Over the last year we’ve planted many new trees and shrubs,  filling gaps and re planting a richer mix in the coppices. This work day we under planted with a woodland mix of plants. included in this mix are plants like wild daffodil, bluebell, self-heal, greater stitchwort, primrose and wood anemone to name a few. In all we planted around 500 new plants.








Adrian and Dave cleared the bramble at the bird feeding station in preparation for the installing of the wood panels, these will act as a barrier between the birds and bird watchers. As the area will be uncovered and close to the entrance we hope it wont get vandalised. We also intend to plant climbers like honeysuckle to grow and cover the panels this will also be attracting insects.   

We also picked up an award from the Heart of England in Bloom, Community Achievements. it was awarded to the groups within the Wild About Tamworth project. Well done Tameside.



Next Month

Our AGM is in November the date is to be confirmed. If any of the group would like to add to the agenda then please let us know.

On the next work day its more planting all being well this time trees  filling the gaps in the new wood. So hope to see you then.

And last but not least a thank you to the new volunteers Debbie, Kate and Lexi hope you can come along next time.