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January Volunteer Day

26 Jan


Its very cold very , very wet after the floods and I must admit I felt like staying in my warm bed. As I walked up the street thinking to myself bet no ones this mad they’ll all be in the warm and I can go back home. Not a chance. So once again thanks everyone for coming along and as they all know we had a really good work day, the sun even came out.

So what did we do? Our planned jobs are all out of sync as the really bad flooding has made many delayed. This month was going to be reed planting continuing the job started last month, far to deep in flood water and quite dangerous with the uneven ground to get to the planting area, so we decided to start to add some grip to the boardwalk. This was done by attaching wire to the top giving your boots some extra grip in wet weather. We need a bit more wire to complete the job but it should improve the boardwalk quite a bit. Willow cutting, this is a job that always looks so drastic as I have said many times before and quite a few people get upset by the fact we cut them down, I don’t even like doing it and I know why. We’re doing them on a rotation and cutting right back, by next year they’ll have grown up, strong and slightly more bushy and will not be cut back again for a few years. The area we worked was alongside trees done last year along the boardwalk. The boardwalk travels between the lake and stream at this point in high water the area becomes very wet and quite a bit of erosion has taken place joining the two water sources easily, we may plant a few of our reeds in this area to try and help with this. We added a few birch to the new wood area, more trees to go in soon and last but not least litter. With a flood always comes a mountain of litter not a glamorous job but litter picking is a vital one to keep our reserve as clean as possible.

I’d like confirm what we are doing in February but since last work day we ‘ve had more water, snow that has at last gone and now we ‘re water logged and flooded with more rain so think I will leave it open !!! Nature.