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Look Out 2014.

27 Dec

2013 comes to a close we’ve had a busy year, once again. Floods, gale force winds and even a few sunny days and still the projects go on. The last two work days have consisted of routine jobs for the group. Clearing tern island in preparation for adding more gravel, this makes a good nesting island for the terns and gulls and hedgerow management. The hedgerow management never fails to produce a mixed response from the group some like to leave height others want to cut right back, either way we’ll be adding to the hedge, in-filling gaps and under planting. We hope to be carrying on with this on the January work day after the normal debate.








We have major works being carried out on site over the next few months. Tameside is flood plane and has a protective flood bank between the houses and the reserve. This flood bank is about to be improved unfortunately this can’t  be done without major disruption on the reserve.  This will result in the bank and ground as far as the stream and entrance area all being out of bounds and probably dug up completely. Work is being carried out by the Environmental Agencies who have agreed to re seed with wild flowers when the work is finally finished.










december work day 046


The reserve from this year is now in a Higher Level Stewardship Scheme affecting for the most part on Tameside grassland  management, We now have very little to no control over this. The scheme is a partnership between Tamworth Borough Council and Natural England.  Next year will be the tests I guess to just how it will affect us. We’re hoping that it will be ok after all our work over the past 7 years. I actually think the communication at the birth of this new project should have included the volunteers. These decision are made by people who have visited the site a handful of times if that, yes they may have the degrees but surly our experience of working on the reserve should qualify us enough to have a say.

The second major project that might be taking place comes under the Tame Valley Wetlands project. This is a massive project the stretches along the river Tame from Tamworth in to Birmingham, including Tameside along the way. Profiling work on the Peelers Way side of the reserve is high on the list for us but if it dose take place it will not be until possibly 2015.

Plans for the new meadow are under way and should start to take shape early next year this will be good for the group as well as wildlife giving us something new to focus on and hopefully we can also get some movement on our sand martin banks (but I’m not holding my breath).

So as you can see there is quite a lot of changes for Tameside over the next few years and I very much hope the group will still be part of it.

This only leaves me to say thank you to the supporters of the group and the group  who work so hard to make the reserve the success it is. We hope to see you as a visitor if not a volunteer in 2014.