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April and May

16 May


The last two month have gone so fast and along with the months our task days and as normal our volunteers have been busy on the reserve. We’ve been working on the hedgerow always a controversial task as visitors just see us cutting it back, the cut back will improve the existing stock, and by infilling all the gaps, in a few years the hedgerow will be wide with more verity, supporting butterflies, insects, birds and mammals. All the dead wood that’s cut out of the hedge will be used in log piles for the benefit of the wildlife so nothing is wasted. Our pathways have had their first cut along with the reed bed that we’re hoping to control by cutting down as low as possible over the next year or so.


APRIL14 019




APRIL14 014


APRIL14 004


We have an area on the reserve that we are going to create a wild flower meadow; this has now been first prepared then sown with a mix of seeds from a specialist nursery who work with native plants. If this is successful when we cut the meadow we will be able to spread the hay over other parts of the reserve in the hope of spreading the flowers, more plans for the future.

Tameside is included in the Tame Valley Wetland project and through funding from the Heritage Lottery and Tamworth Borough Council we are in line to get our phase two of the profiling done. In 2010 the first part was completed and has been a big success for the wildlife and the visitors. Phase two will see we hope profiling of the river on the Peelers Way side, recreating a small island. All this equates to exciting times for Tameside and the group in the not to distant future.











The reserve is looking wonderful at the moment the spell of nice weather does help but the islands are full of birds including black headed gull chicks on tern island, the swans are nesting and the oyster catchers are here again this year. The wild flowers are about two or three weeks late this year because of the flooding but all are coming along nice now this hasn’t stopped the caterpillars and butterflies who are everywhere.