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7 Jul

I’ve not added to this page for a while this doesn’t mean that group hasn’t been active far from it we’ve been working as hard as ever over the last few months. The reserve looks good at the moment the work seems to be paying off. The wild flowers look even better than last year and that was good. We did a second May survey covering 4 key plants these we found these to have increased with the exception of self heal.

Other plants doing well include:    Marsh Marigold, Bog Bean, Brooklime, Ragged Robin, Yellow Flag Iris, Snakes Head Fritillary, White Clover, Cut Leaved Geranium, Buttercup, Yellow Rattle, Common Vetch, Yellow Archangel, Ground Ivy, Red Campion, Primrose, Bluebells, Wild Garlic. I give theses as an example there are many more.

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We‘ve also join forces with a project called WatersideCare This group like us works in the community with volunteers litter picking clearing waterways, invasive species and improving habitat. Members of the group have had training on water quality testing via this project; this could be a valuable tool as we are a wetland reserve. We now take samples each month in six positions, completing a record so we can easily see any changes in water quality.

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The Tame Valley Wetland Project is progressing well on Tameside with scheduled work approaching the final plans and planning consent is being put in place. What all this means for Tameside is we get an inlet from the river Tame in the form of a stream that loops around and back into the river. This creates an island that was originally in the river but slightly further down. The stream will be good for breading fish and increase the habitat on the Peelers Way side of the reserve. We also hope to get our sand martin bank possibly in this area, its still under discussion.

Jobs completed last month included hedgerow work, path mowing and pulling balsam. We also needed to repair our bridge after it was attacked but vandals. Up and coming jobs will include more hedgerow work  clearing and planting, mowing, willow reduction and taking care of the bird boxes cleaning and adding more to the reserve.

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