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Tameside’rs hard at work

13 Mar

Thanks go out to all the Tameside volunteers who’ve been coming to our work days over the past few months. On our February work day we actually got around to building our Ivy hedge fence, we all know the benefits of ivy but it also has a few downs when it smothers our trees and hedgerows. With this new hedgerow we’ll have no problem with it running wild giving the wildlife it important ivy, whilst on other hedgerows we’ll be able to control ivy so it doesn’t kill off the trees.This we hope will give the site the best of both world.

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The floods have been with us on and off since the new year with this we get rubbish following the flood level , it takes the group one or two work days to catch up but we do always clearing to make the site safe and clean.

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Swan island was cleared this month a job postponed from last month because of high water levels its now ready for the nesting swans. We had two pairs on the lake today, the graceful male swan becomes a fighting demon when it comes to his territory sometime fighting to the death, thankfully not today. Last year sadly this wasn’t the case when we found two entwined having died fighting.

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The willows have started to be cut back around the lake always done on a rota at this time of year, and our water testing team was able to get to all the set test points on site. Water testing is done to monitor any changes in the water in the hope that we can be one step of any problems.

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Stream clearing has been done and re sitting bulrush reeds out of two ponds,these have been added to the lake.

The reserve is very muddy at the moment but it’ll soon be full of flower and birds. The great crested grebes are back and the kingfishers are flying along the river and on site so we’re of to a good start. Its a big year for Tameside with the back channel work that will be started in August, plus it our groups ten year birthday so we are planning quite a few events walks, talks and surveys all to come later in the year. Hope to report the progress soon.

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