February on Tameside

13 Feb

A belated welcome to 2018 from Tameside. Over the Christmas period the reserve has be flooded a few times not a big surprise we’re predominately a wetlands site this said it hasn’t stopped our work days. This time of year its a lot of tidying and preparation for the coming year. One of the main jobs has been clearing some of the willow from across the site and building some dead hedges. The February work day the group worked close to the sand martin bank. Its important to protect this area so as it doesn’t get disturbed by walkers, a hedge was built but sadly it got damaged, we re-built. It now has a rather large dead hedge wide and high all we need to do now is finish off the gate. The dead hedge provides habitat for lots of wildlife and even before we’d finished it had a number of birds inspecting our work. It’ll be great for mice, voles and hedgehogs so its a win win. The pond in front of the sand martin bank is in need of attention the clay didn’t work we think it needed to be thicker so water didn’t hold very well. We added a liner this doesn’t look good so we need to improve this to complete this area. A lot of the wetlands plants planted last year have started to do well this includes at the edge of river around the re created island its going to look fabulous.

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Above is the channel around Tracey Island leading to the river Tame,  its banks are starting to grown nicely.

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The construction of the dead hedge at different stages, on a very cold day.

You’d think that after eleven years we’d be running out of projects this is never the case with us. Unfortunately these all need funding, things like stream improvements clearing and planting with the aim to create habitat for the water vole or improving the north end wetlands. One thing I’m certain of is we’ll find a way, as always.



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