A brief history

Tameside Local Nature Reserve is located in the historic town of Tamworth in the county of Staffordshire, England. Tamworth is quite a large town that comprises of the normal out-of-town shopping areas, new housing estates and industrial parks. Scattered throughout the town are a number of green areas that are valued by the local council as well as many local people. Tameside Local Nature Reserve is one of these green areas.

Tameside was historically pasture land apart from a periods in the 1930s -40s when it was a cinder speedway or a cricket pitch. When the new A5 bypass road was built it was agreed that building material could be taken from the then pasture land with the proviso that the area be reinstated a linear park, this was the birth of our reserve over 15 years ago.

A partnership between Tamworth Borough Council and Staffordshire Wildlife Trust (“Wild About Tamworth”) lead to the creation of volunteer groups on Tameside and other town reserves. Our group Tameside Wildlife Conservation Group was formed in 2006. The aim of the group is to promote and enhance the area for wildlife and people.


The reserve comprises of 18 hectares with a lake as the most prominent feature this is 3.2 hectares in size. The lake has four small islands varying in habitat for example one surface is gravel this to attract nesting birds such as terns, others have more cover. The River Tame passes through the reserve and a small link to the lake enables fish to take refuge from the fast water and spawn. A new wooded area has been planted at the south end of the site and shallow scrapes and pools throughout the reserve make the reserve a rich and diverse habitat for many species including foxes and other small mammals to an abundance of birds and insects.


Volunteers manage the reserve doing much of the practical conservation work on site and fund-raising to finance the many projects . Jobs can be anything from hedgerow management, path cutting, planting, coppicing, adding bird boxes and monitoring the area the list could go on, there is always so much to do. The group consists of anyone who has an interest in wildlife and wants to help we find jobs for all abilities and all are made welcome.

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